Welcome to Om Point Yoga

Om Point Yoga is an Atlanta-based boutique wellness company offering classical Hatha Yoga instruction inspired by various yoga traditions. Co-founders Shavonna and Vanya located their studio in historic Castleberry Hill to ensure accessibility to neighboring communities. Together, they seek to bring unity to the diversity of yoga by celebrating its traditions, cultures, and people. Specializing in Prenatal Yoga and Cancer Therapy Yoga, Om Point Yoga provides well-trained, professional instructors, progressive teaching methods, and a non-competitive, encouraging atmosphere.

Home of YogAccessibility™ 

Om Point Yoga coined the term and is an advocate for YogAccessibility, meaning we strive to make yoga available to anyone seeking balance, health and healing. Through our efforts to promote YogAccessibility™, we also make yoga possible for many underserved, nontraditional populations by partnering with higher-educational institutions, hospitals and other community-based organizations.